Who you gonna call?

No more monkey business - choose your weapon and get up to speed on the Brexit facts in seconds.

Stage 1:

I have no idea what is going on or why.

I literally have no clue about any of this but know it's super important. What is 'Brexit' and why should I care? An easy way to get started would be great!

Launch WTFisBrexit >

Stage 2:

I know what 'Brexit' is but want the basics.

I know that Brexit isn't a breakfast biscuit but want to know what both sides are saying and why. A nice simple introduction would go down a treat!

Launch referendum.wtf >

Stage 3:

I think I know which way I'm voting but want to check.

I have an idea of what I think but still want to 100%, double, triple, quadruple check where I stand because I know how massive this decision is.

Launch leaveorstay.co.uk  >

What's all this then?

Independent, not-for-profit sites WTFisBrexit.com, Referendum.wtf and LeaveOrStay.co.uk have decided to work together to explain both sides of the EU Referendum debate.

To get in touch, say hello to yolo@votebusters.org